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A basket of finished projects

finished treasures ready for the fair

A Big thankyou to Veronika, Sharon, Maddy and Diane for their help in finishing a few more fair items.  If you can spare an afternoon on Tuesday  30th October from 12.00 til 2.30, or some time on  Friday 2nd November between 9.00 and 2.00, We would love some more help to tie off those loose threads, stitch that last button into place, and glue together the final few wooden toys.  No experience necessary.

Hope to see you there, or at the fair!

Brave Knights

Our brave knights must have been too busy off on adventures to stand still and have their photo taken.  Three are finished, and three are still getting dressed!!  They are of the same pattern as these ones.

I will try and snap a photo when they are all suited up and ready to ride forth… one of them is destined for distant shores!!

We have been extremely honoured to be sent a beautiful parcel from Marie at Softearth to inspire our crafting, and what a wonderful blessing it is.  I will share some more of this soon as the wonderful woolen creations nestle into preschool and kindergarten.

We have also been busy with 18 new cutlery bags sewn and delivered to first class, ready to be dyed and stringed and taken on their first camp together.  We wish them every blessing as they venture forth.

happy crafting