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Story Dolls

The kindergarten Story dolls were in need of a little TLC, so they have been lovingly restored as faithfully as possible and are ready to return to their storytelling duties.

Kindergarten Story Dolls

Kindergarten Story Dolls

Our next craft day is on Friday the 14th February at the Craft room and Preschool garden doing wet on wet painting and Origami from 9am til 12.00.  We hope to see you there!




Farewell to Winter

Spring has in reality been pushing through early around here, but today marks the last official day of winter, so we bid farewell to Mr and Mrs Winter and look forward to the blossoming light filled days ahead.

Mr and Mrs Winter

Mr and Mrs Winter

Our Mr and Mrs Winter are needle felted from soft merino wool in it’s natural washed white, with accents from hints of pale dyed greens greys and blues.  Mr Winter’s hat is a clear blue of the winter sky, which has seen hardly any clouds this year.

Winter weather clear and bright

sun will shine with soft clear light

frozen fingers, frozen toes

I’ll think I’ll hurry out to play before the sunlight goes…..

-adapted from a children’s song we learnt in Norway

Wattle with your golden suns

underneath the spotted gums

warm our hearts till springtime comes

with it’s sunny hours……

– from a children’s song often heard being sung in our classrooms

Enjoy the sunshine weaving its way back into our days 🙂



Dr. Who?

The beauty of open ended toys is that we can all imbue them with a little magic of our own, and they can mean such different characters and adventures to different people.  Maybe this is doctor Foster who went to Gloucester, maybe this is a well heeled traveller with his warm knitted vest and scarf to keep out the chills, maybe he is the visiting vet, or maybe he is a magician who can pull something out of his hat… and just maybe for a few of us he might have stepped out of a lovely blue police box that is bigger on  the inside…

A wood and wire doll with loads of character

A wood and wire doll with loads of character

We sure do have fun whilst weaving a little sunshine in our lives 🙂  Maureen has certainly made this character come alive with such wonderful possibilities.

A little sprite

We have been experimenting with some wire and netting wings on sprites.  What do you think? Does it make the wee sprite too fiddly to play with? Less sturdy?  Leave enough to the imagination? More appealing?  Just the right amount of whimsy? Too much bling?

A wee wooden sprite dressed in her fine felt clothes, and trying out some netted wings.

A wee wooden sprite dressed in her fine felt clothes, and trying out some netted wings.

We would love some feedback in the comments. Please share your thoughts. Thank you 🙂