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Bean bags and shooting stars

A very small group of four this week, and yet we managed to make 25 new bean bags for the kindergarten, and a dozen shooting stars for the fair.  Thankyou wonderful ladies with nimble fingers!!

A basket full of beanbags for kindergarten

A little secret – our bean bags are filled with rice and a handful of dried mint leaves, not beans, to minimise the risk of being eaten by nibbling mice.  Of course packing them away securely in a tin or lidded container when not in use is the best prevention.

Beanbags are great for body orientation, with rhymes to guide them over, under, round and through, crossing mid-lines, encouraging nimble fingers and quick reflexes, and they are so much fun!!

Throwing a beanbag to a partner is great fun too.  Shooting star or metor bean bags with a ribbon tail are great to encourage throwing in a curving rainbow.  Can you catch the front? can you catch the tail?  Watch the ribbons fly!

Shooting star beanbags

Autumn is fast approaching and a great time to look for shooting stars in the sky on a clear night.  You could wish upon a star!

Join us next week for some fun sewing felt dragons and seahorses.  Happy Crafting.