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Fleecy Clean

What a great day to wash a fleece, in the last days of summer/ first days of autumn.  I think it hit 34 C, and our soft soggy fleece will be dry in no time…  Almost blinding in the afternoon sun..

drip drying in the sun

drip drying in the sun

We also turned our hand to some wet and dry felting… ( and finished a few more guinea pigs)… Thanks everyone for a colourful day full of sunshine.

Maddy's guinea pig hiding amongst the roving

Maddy’s guinea pig hiding amongst the roving


Wonderful wool and fabulous felting

wet felted eggs with needle felted embellishments

wet felted eggs with needle felted embellishments

This Thursday 19th March we will be playing with wonderful wool as we wet felt, needle felt, wash and card some lovely floaty fleece to make all manner of things.  Feel free to join us for some or part of the day at Amelia’s house in Jenna drive, just across from school.

Easter Crafts

More rain, but some lovely crafts brightened up our day.  It was great to share some crafty company with kids, thanks to Kate and her two boys, and Cynthia and her two girls.  Surprise walnuts with ladybirds hidden inside and fabulous felted eggs were the order of the day.  Kate’s eldest boy was so helpful and a natural born felter! It is wonderful to see young children engage with what we do in their own special ways, and certainly helps to weave a little sunshine into everyone’s hearts.

wet felted eggs with needle felted embellishments

wet felted eggs with needle felted embellishments

If you want to see more of our crafts, or pick up a little special something before the holidays, drop in and see Wendy in the front office where a selection of our crafts are on sale and display.  Beautiful painted silk cards, nests of felted eggs, hand stitched chicks, surprise walnuts and wee felt mice are all available, but they won’t last long!

hollow felted egg with hand sewn chick

hollow felted egg with hand sewn chick

Happy holidays to all our crafty friends, look out for updates next term for another fun filled crafternoon (or morning) …


Easter and Autumn crafts this Friday

Come and join us for 10 minutes or stay for the whole day as we craft some special seasonal treasures.  Friday 28th March 9.00am -2.30pm in the school craft room (and preschool garden -weather permitting)

a basket of felted egg shapes.

a basket of felted egg shapes ready for embellishing…

Who lives in the poppy patch?

Who lives here in the poppy patch? With felted roof instead of thatch?

They must be small, with tiny feet and have a fire and chimney sweet.

a sheaf of wheat behind the door

a stalk of wheat behind the door

A stalk of wheat behind the door

and vines that creep round stovepipe and floor.

Can we snatch just one small glimpse

of weeny wizard, witch or imps?

gnomie home

There’s no one at the window there,

no golden locks of Rapunzel hair,

but as the sun begins to fade

I’m sure I heard giggling in the shade

I think they have been out to play

and will come home another day.

Tiny Easter Eggs – a quick tutorial

We have been extra busy this week crafting some tiny easter eggs in time for Easter. Here is a quick mini tutorial for those who missed out and would like to try – they are so easy and addictive!

Firstly we wet felted some coloured sheepswool with a little warm water and detergent rolling it around in our hands until they made little balls.

wet felted balls

wet felted balls


Then we rolled them a little more just in the middle to make them egg shaped, and left them to dry.

a basket of felted egg shapes.

a basket of felted egg shapes.

Lastly we needle felted some with a little more embellishments to make extra special tiny easter treasures.  They are all about the size of a small solid chocolate egg.

Embellished eggs

Embellished eggs

All ready for a game of hide and seek, or a lovely treasure to gift to a special someone.  How about felting some of your own design this Easter?

If you are running out of time to make your own, you might like to buy one or two at the front office.  Just visit Wendy in the new improved school front office, and she will show you our craft display and items for sale.

Hoping for a little sunshine for the long weekend 🙂


Crafting Catch Up

A whole term has gone by in a blur, and our crafting numbers were somewhat depleted as we nursed children through chicken pox, ourselves through flu, house movings, job changes and various other adventures.

Here is a quick catch up of the crafts we did manage through the winter months

we wet felted tea cosies

with wonderfully colourful cosy results

We knitted wee rabbits and sewed up a few other woolly creations…

knitted bunnies from a square, knitted horse and gnome

Some gumnut babies sleeping in their gumleaves made an appearance…

And we even managed to help some classes dip rainbow candles before winter camp…

Dipped beeswax rainbow candles, and rolled beeswax candles

Thankyou to everyone who helped us keep the crafting flame alive last term.  Here’s hoping this term is easier to keep weaving our crafting sunshine.