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Linuwel School Fair 2015

fair poster touched up


Easter treasures

Are you hunting for some non-chocolate goodies for the holidays? Come into the school front office and see what treasures are on offer from the parent craft group.  We have lovely felted eggs, rainbow ribbon streamers perfect for dancing through the garden, and chalk eggs to brighten a footpath or two…

Chalk eggs for footpath writing

Chalk eggs for footpath writing

finely felted eggs

finely felted eggs


…and then there were five!

Our biggest craft group this year!! Thankyou to all the lovely ladies who came to support us and the school as we craft a little sunshine in our lives.

caterpillars and ladybirds

caterpillars and ladybirds

Playcloths and cloaks have been gifted to preschool, and Mother Earth was finished for the kindergarten seasonal table.  King Winter is running late though… maybe he will be finished next time 🙂

Happy crafting till then


Delightful Dollmaking

A quick reminder that our craft group starts up again this Friday 16th May with some delightful dollmaking.  Do please rsvp via comment, email or ring the school before Friday so I can ensure we have enough materials for everyone.  Thank you! Hope to see you there to weave a little sunshine in the day.  – Diana

Kindergarten Story Dolls

Kindergarten Story Dolls

Spreading the love

Today was a quiet crafting day, as just two of us sat down to imagine a plan for the crafting year ahead. Of course we fitted in some crafting too 🙂 Needle felted hearts, and a ladybird on a soft green leaf, made in the tranquil hide away of Diane’s lovely shop Garden of the Soul, and now for sale in Suzanne’s flower filled oasis Flowers with Intention both on the main shopping street of Morpeth.

needle felted treasures

needle felted treasures

We are still looking for any crafters from total novice to expert, and anyone in between to craft along with us this year, so please think about joining us for a one off day, or a whole term or year! Our next date is set for Friday 14th Feb at school, but time and place are yet to be confirmed… we will be painting some lovely red wet on wet watercolour, and folding origami paper hearts.  We hope you can join us and help us spread a little sunshine.




And the winners are…

Sarah from afar
Cynthia from close by
and Sharon from our very own team
 Congratulations, a little handcrafted sunshine is coming your way

Thank you to all who gave feedback.  It is greatly appreciated.


Who lives in the poppy patch?

Who lives here in the poppy patch? With felted roof instead of thatch?

They must be small, with tiny feet and have a fire and chimney sweet.

a sheaf of wheat behind the door

a stalk of wheat behind the door

A stalk of wheat behind the door

and vines that creep round stovepipe and floor.

Can we snatch just one small glimpse

of weeny wizard, witch or imps?

gnomie home

There’s no one at the window there,

no golden locks of Rapunzel hair,

but as the sun begins to fade

I’m sure I heard giggling in the shade

I think they have been out to play

and will come home another day.