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Mega Craft Day

supplies are ready to go!

supplies are ready to go!

We are back and crafting! The first craft day will be a mega craft day all day (school hours) just across from the school at Amelia’s house in Jenna Drive on Thursday 19th February.

We will be organising dates, days and crafts for the year as well as sharing great company, food and of course crafting some easy starter projects to ease us back into the swing of things.
We would love any interested parents, friends or grandparents to drop by and join us anytime during school hours, for some or all of the day. No need to bring any craft supplies, but a plate of food to share would be appreciated.
Please RSVP by SMS to Amelia on 0403 280 726 or email Diana at dthorvaldson@hotmail.com
Even if you can’t make it, please message us if you are interested in joining in another time, what crafts you would be interested in, what days and times work best for you, if you would like to be on the mailing and notification list, or any other thoughts or ideas you may have.
Happy New Year and Happy crafting!
Diana and the team at Sunshine Weavers


A Stitch in Time

A few little projects to stitch, sew and stuff this week.  Felt horses, more little mice and chicks, and some story dolls to finish from last week.  Come and join us for a cuppa, and help us get things to the classrooms on time where eager hands are waiting to play…

many hands make light work

many hands make light work

This Friday 30th May at the school craft room from after drop off til lunchtime… or longer if we have enough interested crafters 🙂

Easter and Autumn crafts this Friday

Come and join us for 10 minutes or stay for the whole day as we craft some special seasonal treasures.  Friday 28th March 9.00am -2.30pm in the school craft room (and preschool garden -weather permitting)

a basket of felted egg shapes.

a basket of felted egg shapes ready for embellishing…

Story Dolls

The kindergarten Story dolls were in need of a little TLC, so they have been lovingly restored as faithfully as possible and are ready to return to their storytelling duties.

Kindergarten Story Dolls

Kindergarten Story Dolls

Our next craft day is on Friday the 14th February at the Craft room and Preschool garden doing wet on wet painting and Origami from 9am til 12.00.  We hope to see you there!



Fair’s Fair

After a few enquiries I have decided to offer up 3 chances in our giveaway.

token stall pond

token stall pond

One for readers of this blog who leave a comment but could not (usually for obvious geographical reasons) join us, we are so grateful for your encouragement and advice.

One for Linuwel fair goers who visited us on the day – we would love to know what you thought!

And one for helpers, crafters and supporters – how can we ever thank you enough 🙂

felt crowns fit for a King (or Queen)

felt crowns fit for a King (or Queen)

One last day to leave a comment

Fair on Saturday!!

There is only one last crafting group until the fair.  Thankyou to all our long standing crafters, last minute crafters, craft at home crafters, and patient families.  Time for one last round up of crafts at Diana’s house on Thursday from 11.15 until pickup time.  Help on Friday morning to pack up and price and label the crafts, and help setting up at school in the afternoon for the fair on Saturday would be greatly appreciated.

crafts are ready....

crafts are ready….

A little sprite

We have been experimenting with some wire and netting wings on sprites.  What do you think? Does it make the wee sprite too fiddly to play with? Less sturdy?  Leave enough to the imagination? More appealing?  Just the right amount of whimsy? Too much bling?

A wee wooden sprite dressed in her fine felt clothes, and trying out some netted wings.

A wee wooden sprite dressed in her fine felt clothes, and trying out some netted wings.

We would love some feedback in the comments. Please share your thoughts. Thank you 🙂