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Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

We have been busy crafting, but absent from our usual spot still waiting for the school craft room to return to business as usual.  Instead we have been making great use of Amelia’s dining room table and sunny outlook during the winter months, and trying to keep the crafting inspiration flowing.

My camera has also been out of action, but seems to be doing better now with a new battery that keeps it’s charge long enough to take more than one picture.  Here are some photos of what we have been up to that I did manage to capture…

Oakie and Flora the pipecleaner dolls

Oakie and Flora the pipecleaner dolls

Cheerful chicks egg cosies

Cheerful chicks egg cosies

and some cheeky chaps in amongst the thread box...

and some cheeky chaps in amongst the thread box…

We are back crafting this term, and need all the help we can get to have crafted treasures ready in time for the fair.  Do come and join us on a Thursday from 11am.  See Wendy in the school office or Diana at the high school “staffroom” (the shed) for more details.


Darling Digit Dolls

This week some darling digit dolls danced into being, helped by wonderful hands that crocheted flower skirts (thanks Diane!) and dashed over from work (thanks Sharon!) and wound with neat and nimble fingers (thanks Jill!) and inspired with books (thanks Maddy!) and tuned into the seasons (thanks Amelia!) and made our space open and welcoming (thanks Fiona!).

A delightful dancing digit doll created by the combined efforts of Sharon, Diane and Diana.

A delightful dancing digit doll created by the combined efforts of Sharon, Diane and Diana.

If you would like to join in the fun we will be making more pipecleaner people for the next three weeks.   Our big sewing project will also be in progress… making eurythmy veils for the primary classes, so any expertise or sewing machine skills would be gratefully received too.

Join us Thursdays from 11am til 1 pm in the school textiles rooms (old stables) and weave a little sunshine in your life 🙂

Let the Magic resume…


Craft group is ready to restart for the year, with a wonderful new space in the 2nd textiles (old stables) room.  We will meet on Thursdays during term time from 11.00am til 1.00pm.  Come and join in the magic of making something for the school or delight your own children by learning a new crafty skill to share.  All are welcome, however due to the new location, we request that you arrange for children not yet at school to be looked after elsewhere during our crafting time.

Come and weave a little sunshine in your life



The Linuwel School Fair is almost here

a table of fair crafts

We are stitching double time to finish all our treasures in time for the fair.  There are sweet little bed sets with pillows and blankets for a favourite doll, more needle felted folk to finish, daring digit dolls with enormous longbows, crochet hairclips and badges and even paper lanterns for tealights to fold.   If you can help out on Friday to finish a seam, set out the display table, or attach our labels and prices, we will be busily working from 9.00 am till after school pick up time to be ready for the big day.  Let Diana or Jill know if you can lend a hand and we will have a cuppa ready to welcome you, no experience necessary.

A basket of finished projects

finished treasures ready for the fair

A Big thankyou to Veronika, Sharon, Maddy and Diane for their help in finishing a few more fair items.  If you can spare an afternoon on Tuesday  30th October from 12.00 til 2.30, or some time on  Friday 2nd November between 9.00 and 2.00, We would love some more help to tie off those loose threads, stitch that last button into place, and glue together the final few wooden toys.  No experience necessary.

Hope to see you there, or at the fair!

Digit dolls and faerie folk

After a great planning meeting last week, this week we are off and crafting.  Our first craft for the year was making digit dolls and faerie folk.  There was no shortage of inspiration as wizards, mermaids and pixies quickly materialised.  They are made with wooden bead heads and wool wrapped pipe cleaners, with any extra details added to make each unique.

Next week we will be filling and sewing beanbags for the kindergarten and making streamer flyers for some extra fun.