A Steiner School Parent Craft Group

About Sunshine Weavers

Sunshine weavers is a parent craft group which endeavours to support our local steiner school by making beautiful handmade objects for use in the classrooms, and crafts to sell at the annual school fair.  We hope you enjoy visiting this blog for a little inspiration and updates on our projects as we craft through the year.

The Linuwel School fair is on the first Saturday in November each year, and you can also find a small sample of our work for sale in the school office year round.  For further crafting enquiries please email dthorvaldson @ hotmail . com  or call in to the school office (02) 4933 3095


Comments on: "About Sunshine Weavers" (5)

  1. Diana, the site is beautiful!


  2. Hi, Can I attend craft group with my young children?

    • myartemismoon said:

      Hi Katie, we welcome any friends and family of the school. I will email you details.

  3. Hi, I love your site! Your crafts are fantastic. I’m not part of your school or anything. Is it still possible to get a copy of the possum pattern? I would love to make some for Girl Scout SWAPS and gifts. I wouldn’t be using them to earn money, purely for gifting. Thanks so much for this site. I’m not sure how I found it. You projects are so creative and inspiring!

    • myartemismoon said:

      I had trouble with the scanner last week, I’ll try again this week and send out the pattern to all those who have requested it.

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