A Steiner School Parent Craft Group

Mega Craft Day

supplies are ready to go!

supplies are ready to go!

We are back and crafting! The first craft day will be a mega craft day all day (school hours) just across from the school at Amelia’s house in Jenna Drive on Thursday 19th February.

We will be organising dates, days and crafts for the year as well as sharing great company, food and of course crafting some easy starter projects to ease us back into the swing of things.
We would love any interested parents, friends or grandparents to drop by and join us anytime during school hours, for some or all of the day. No need to bring any craft supplies, but a plate of food to share would be appreciated.
Please RSVP by SMS to Amelia on 0403 280 726 or email Diana at dthorvaldson@hotmail.com
Even if you can’t make it, please message us if you are interested in joining in another time, what crafts you would be interested in, what days and times work best for you, if you would like to be on the mailing and notification list, or any other thoughts or ideas you may have.
Happy New Year and Happy crafting!
Diana and the team at Sunshine Weavers


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