A Steiner School Parent Craft Group

Marvellous Mice

Don’t be fooled!  A day pouring with rain is a wonderful day to brave the weather and join us in a cosy corner of the school craft room to enjoy some creativity in great company.  A huge thankyou to Kate for braving the weather even though she only had an hour to spare, and whipping up a mouse or two for preschool and kindy, and the amazing Amelia whose stitches look like they could have been made by the mice themselves.

Mice in the making

Mice in the making

We have two kits complete with felt, thread, stuffing, needle and instructions made up for anyone who missed out and would like to have a try at home, they are quite simple and satisfying and little hands love to play with them! Leave a comment below letting me know if you are interested, or ask me at school.  First in best dressed.


Comments on: "Marvellous Mice" (2)

  1. This little mouse is adorable! I love the pink tail…

  2. myartemismoon said:

    Thanks Fern. I have just visited your blog and facebook, and I think the little mice that top your facebook page are absolutely gorgeous too! Your creations are wonderful. What inspiration!

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