A Steiner School Parent Craft Group

Fantastic Fair Success!

A HUGE thankyou to all the contributors who made our craft stall such a wonderful success this year. Especially to all the people who dropped in crafts they have been working away on at home, and all the extra helpers to man the stall.

Fair day

Fair day

Everyone involved is welcome to come down to Momo’s café at 11am this Tuesday and we will buy you a coffee (or drink of your choice!) as a small token of our gratitude.

We would also love your feedback, comments and suggestions to help us plan for next year… there will be a suggestions book on Tuesday, or post your comments here (click on comments at the bottom of the post) and I will collate them.

All comments received will go in the draw for a small gift to be announced here on Wednesday 6th.
Good luck, Blessings and Thanks,

Diana and the team at Sunshine Weavers.



Comments on: "Fantastic Fair Success!" (11)

  1. Sound and looks like you had a real cool fair,

    cheers Marie

  2. so much loveliness. there is nothing more magical than a Waldorf school fair 🙂

  3. We had the enormous pleasure of visiting the fair on Saturday – so many wonderful things to see, touch and enjoy. It is only our family’s second year visiting the Linuwel fair, but are feeling even more like we have found the right place for our little people.

    If I can make a few suggestions for consideration, I’d like to have access to more information about the group – I have since found this blog, but would love to know more!

    Another suggestion would be to perhaps put some of the less delicate items towards the back of your display – my two year old wanted to pick up everything and while all of the things were beautiful, I was a little frightened about the finer, more fragile pieces!

    And just one additional suggestion, I would loved to have seen more info on the makers of the items. Not sure how this might be achieved, but I love knowing at least the first name of a person who makes such beautiful treasures.

    • myartemismoon said:

      Thankyou for such a well considered response. Most of our makers were behind the stall selling, so the chances are you met the maker(s). Some of our pieces are a collaboration, and will be knitted, sewn up and embellished by up to four people. This is the first year we have tried to promote information through our website and info cards on the stall.
      A good hint about the smaller items on display. We naturally tend to put smaller things to the front so they are visible, but little overenthusiastic hands are a good reason to rethink.
      I am so pleased you had a great day, Hope to see you again soon.

  4. We visited the fair on Saturday and thought it was wonderful! It is only our second year visiting Linuwel’s fair and really feel like we have found the right place for our little people. We loved the Sunshine Weavers’ stall and indulged in a few little treasures (gosh it was so hard deciding!!). I would offer a couple of little suggestions:
    – provide more information on your group for prospective Linuwel school parents (I have since found this blog of course, but I would love to know how I might be able to become involved)
    – try to avoid placing delicate items within arms reach of my toddler! Everything on the stall was beautiful, but I was having a hard time admiring it all when my little one had eyes for it all too!
    Otherwise, my only other suggestion would be to include the first name of the maker on the tag of each item – I love knowing the name of someone who made something with their own hands.

  5. Oops, sorry it seems like my comment that I thought had vanished didn’t! Apologies for the duPlication 🙂


  6. Hi, we loved your beautiful craft stall this year at Linuwel. Do you have anymore Christmas decorations? We would love to send some to friend overseas. They were so beautiful.

    • myartemismoon said:

      Thanks Katie, we had a small twilight market at the school to sell most of our extra crafts and do not have many items left, although a few remaining for sale were in the school front office display cabinet. Classes have finished this week and I am not sure if the school office will be open now until next year. If you had something specific in mind we could try to make something for you. You can email me at artemismoon @ live . com . au

  7. Ingrid Beasley said:

    Dear Sunshine Weavers – well done again on such a beautiful stall and display. The pearl dolls and mermaids were just magic! It was lovely to see an area for children who could spend their tokens, as well as the tables of items for all budgets.
    I cannot spend time with the group on a weekly crafting basis, but I feel so privileged to be able to contribute with my part-made dolls that Diana and the group finished so beautifully. Thank you all for welcoming me as I drop in and out as I’m able.

    • myartemismoon said:

      Thanks Ingrid, you are a very welcome contributor to our little craft group. Many hands make light work ❤

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