A Steiner School Parent Craft Group

Crowns and Kittens

As the term quickly draws to a close it is great to see some more projects being finished off for the fair. This week it was some lovely dress up or birthday crowns embellished and hand sewn in felt fit for little princes and princesses or even one for a deep sea Poseidon. Next week we hope to sew up some capes and simple dress ups to accompany them.

A felt crown fit for a princess

A felt crown fit for a princess

Diane was also on hand to sew some of our soft hand knitted squares and crocheted squares into bunnies and kittens. A big thanks to all who have knitted and crocheted at home (and in buses and on train trips…) for us this term it makes our production of items run so much more smoothly and quickly on a Thursday.

Softly stuffed knitted kitten

Softly stuffed knitted kitten

We are enjoying weaving a little sunshine, but right now would love to be gathering some raindrops too, here’s hoping…


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  1. What a cute kitten!

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