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Crowns and Kittens

As the term quickly draws to a close it is great to see some more projects being finished off for the fair. This week it was some lovely dress up or birthday crowns embellished and hand sewn in felt fit for little princes and princesses or even one for a deep sea Poseidon. Next week we hope to sew up some capes and simple dress ups to accompany them.

A felt crown fit for a princess

A felt crown fit for a princess

Diane was also on hand to sew some of our soft hand knitted squares and crocheted squares into bunnies and kittens. A big thanks to all who have knitted and crocheted at home (and in buses and on train trips…) for us this term it makes our production of items run so much more smoothly and quickly on a Thursday.

Softly stuffed knitted kitten

Softly stuffed knitted kitten

We are enjoying weaving a little sunshine, but right now would love to be gathering some raindrops too, here’s hoping…


Walnut boats

Sailing on the sparkling sea
Cresting waves so blue
little walnut boats go by
as clouds go scudding through

little walnut boats

little walnut boats

Our little boats are very simply made, and they float very well indeed in bathtub, sink or pond.

Materials:- a half walnut shell
a toothpick
a small rectangle of paper
(roughly as long as your toothpick and half as wide)
two small beads that JUST fit the toothpick
melted beeswax
(we melt ours in an old rice cooker but melting it in an old
double boiler or tin can in a hot water bath works well too.)

Fill the half walnut shell with melted beeswax. (Resting it in an egg carton keeps it upright) Poke your toothpick through each end of the paper and push the beads on top and bottom to keep it in a billowed out shape. Dip your toothpick sail into some melted beeswax and tap off any extra drips. This keeps your sail sturdy and waterproof. When the wax in the walnut shell starts to cool and solidify, push the toothpick into the still soft wax and let cool completely. Then you are ready to set sail.
Hope this brings a little sunshine to your day.

Who lives in the poppy patch?

Who lives here in the poppy patch? With felted roof instead of thatch?

They must be small, with tiny feet and have a fire and chimney sweet.

a sheaf of wheat behind the door

a stalk of wheat behind the door

A stalk of wheat behind the door

and vines that creep round stovepipe and floor.

Can we snatch just one small glimpse

of weeny wizard, witch or imps?

gnomie home

There’s no one at the window there,

no golden locks of Rapunzel hair,

but as the sun begins to fade

I’m sure I heard giggling in the shade

I think they have been out to play

and will come home another day.