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A little sprite

We have been experimenting with some wire and netting wings on sprites.  What do you think? Does it make the wee sprite too fiddly to play with? Less sturdy?  Leave enough to the imagination? More appealing?  Just the right amount of whimsy? Too much bling?

A wee wooden sprite dressed in her fine felt clothes, and trying out some netted wings.

A wee wooden sprite dressed in her fine felt clothes, and trying out some netted wings.

We would love some feedback in the comments. Please share your thoughts. Thank you 🙂






Comments on: "A little sprite" (4)

  1. I’m in two minds. While I think it is so pretty and I’m sure children would love it, I wonder if it would suffer wear and tear more quickly? And perhaps the fact you can buy such wings in shops would make it less magical? I’m probably overthinking things though, I’m sure if I was a child I would love it.

  2. myartemismoon said:

    Thanks for your feedback Sarah 🙂 The wear and tear would be a big issue. Some children see delicacy as a reason to treasure things more gently, others are just more heavy handed and a certain robustness is needed. I am thinking maybe we could try this style of wing on something more delicate in it’s overall construction (say something for a mobile or a fine pipecleaner style fairy). I hadn’t thought about the availability of this style of thing in shops. It may sway us back in favour of something that leaves more to the magic of imagination.

  3. I think she’s completely gorgeous! Brenna treats her ‘delicate toys’ very gently and loves them. Maybe sprites with wings would be good for the 8+ age range?

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