A Steiner School Parent Craft Group

Autumn Harvest

What do you have lingering in your Autumn veggie patch?  Pumpkin and sunflowers are ready in ours.

Sunflower sprite and pumpkins

Sunflower sprite and pumpkins

It was a lovely day stitching up a few odds and ends of unfinished projects, and swapping a few items of Autumn harvest abundance as the April rain fell softly on the school and surrounds.

We are meeting up at Amelia’s house next to the school for a little while as we settle back into a different crafting rhythm.  Thankyou to all our well wishers for your love and blessings sent after the school fire.   We are mostly back to a kind of normal, while we wait for the clean up and re-building to begin.

We do hope you drop by and enjoy a cuppa with us as we stitch a little sunshine before the holidays. Feel free to bring some home grown harvest or idea inspiration to swap.  Stash busting, WIPs* and UFO’s** welcome.

*WIP – work in progress

**UFO – un finished object


Comments on: "Autumn Harvest" (4)

  1. She’s adorable!

  2. Hello there

    I found this blog following on from your other blog which Kate from purple pear linked to.We were at the festival on Saturday night but I don’t believe we spoke. I am most curious about your craft group. We don’t attend Steiner, I homeschool my son (not sure if you noticed but he was the rather ‘groovy’ dancer on Saturday night 😉 ) but love the steiner approach to toys and I’d LOVE to learn how to make these kinds of toys!! Even though my boy is too old for such things, I am not 🙂 Can you tell me more about your craft group? How often, what time, age group of attendees etc.

    Feel free to reply via my email address.

    Kind thanks


    • myartemismoon said:

      Hi Mel and Welcome! I will email you our craft group details 🙂 The Festival was Fabulous wasn’t it!

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