A Steiner School Parent Craft Group

We have been extra busy this week crafting some tiny easter eggs in time for Easter. Here is a quick mini tutorial for those who missed out and would like to try – they are so easy and addictive!

Firstly we wet felted some coloured sheepswool with a little warm water and detergent rolling it around in our hands until they made little balls.

wet felted balls

wet felted balls


Then we rolled them a little more just in the middle to make them egg shaped, and left them to dry.

a basket of felted egg shapes.

a basket of felted egg shapes.

Lastly we needle felted some with a little more embellishments to make extra special tiny easter treasures.  They are all about the size of a small solid chocolate egg.

Embellished eggs

Embellished eggs

All ready for a game of hide and seek, or a lovely treasure to gift to a special someone.  How about felting some of your own design this Easter?

If you are running out of time to make your own, you might like to buy one or two at the front office.  Just visit Wendy in the new improved school front office, and she will show you our craft display and items for sale.

Hoping for a little sunshine for the long weekend 🙂



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