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Tiny Easter Eggs – a quick tutorial

We have been extra busy this week crafting some tiny easter eggs in time for Easter. Here is a quick mini tutorial for those who missed out and would like to try – they are so easy and addictive!

Firstly we wet felted some coloured sheepswool with a little warm water and detergent rolling it around in our hands until they made little balls.

wet felted balls

wet felted balls


Then we rolled them a little more just in the middle to make them egg shaped, and left them to dry.

a basket of felted egg shapes.

a basket of felted egg shapes.

Lastly we needle felted some with a little more embellishments to make extra special tiny easter treasures.  They are all about the size of a small solid chocolate egg.

Embellished eggs

Embellished eggs

All ready for a game of hide and seek, or a lovely treasure to gift to a special someone.  How about felting some of your own design this Easter?

If you are running out of time to make your own, you might like to buy one or two at the front office.  Just visit Wendy in the new improved school front office, and she will show you our craft display and items for sale.

Hoping for a little sunshine for the long weekend 🙂



Nature table trees

Some wonderful gum trees made by Maureen have been finished off using detailed stitching, felt leaves and tiny glass beads for gumnuts.  They would look wonderful on a nature table surrounded by some native animals (felt black swan sewn by Diana).

Nature table gum trees

Nature table gum trees

Using dyed unspun sheepswool (magic wool) is a fun way to create the backdrop or ground for a nature table or seasonal display scene, and can be used and reused in so many different combinations.  Here the swan is swimming through the blue water and causing a bit of a splash!

We would love to hear about your seasonal tables – leave us a comment or  link in the comments below to share what you have been up to, and help inspire someone to weave a little sunshine!

Easter in Autumn

We have been busy crafting things that would look right at home on an autumn nature table.

Autumn gnome and tree

Autumn gnome and tree

With Easter fast approaching, they would even add nicely to a seasonal Easter display.  In the next few weeks I’m sure a few more chicks and bunnies, or even a hare may make an appearance at our crafting tables!

Feel free to join us on Thursdays in the Linuwel school craft rooms from 11.00 til 1.00 to help weave a little sunshine in your life or make something magical for a special someone!

a little hazelnut gnome with stitched sunflower detail and orange trim sits on a clay leaf with a found (empty) snail shell.

a little hazelnut gnome with stitched flower detail and orange trim sits on a clay leaf with a found (empty) snail shell.



Tutorial – Felt Flower Hair Bands

felt flower hair ties

felt flower hair ties

Here is a very simple craft with beautiful results.

You will need :

small scraps of felt in the flower colour of your choice

small scraps of green felt for the leaves

soft elastic hair ties

small beads

needle and thread

small sharp scissors


The first step is to cut two flower shapes, one slightly larger than the other and some leaf shapes out of your felt scraps. Using small sharp scissors like nail scissors can make this step easier

Draw the thread up through the hair eleastic and all the felt layers,then the bead,

Draw the thread up through the hair eleastic and all the felt layers,then the bead,

Knotting the end of your thread, sew up through the hair eleastic, then the leaves, larger flower, smaller flower, and finally a small bead.

sew back through down to the hair elastic in almost the same spot, and repeat, up and down a few times to secure all the pieces together.


Flower hair tie from the back

Finish off by securing your thread in a hidden spot at the back of the flower with some small stitches in the one spot.  Inside the curl of the hair elastic works well, or on the felt leaves close to your other through stitches.

Snip off your thread and you are done.

You could just make one for a lovely ponytail accessory, or make matching or complementing colour sets to use for pigtails, or plaits.

So many fun possibilities for such a quick little craft.

Have fun weaving a little sunshine in your life this week.

A pair of flower hair ties in complementing colours

A  finished pair of flower hair ties in complementing colours