A Steiner School Parent Craft Group

Crafting Catch Up

A whole term has gone by in a blur, and our crafting numbers were somewhat depleted as we nursed children through chicken pox, ourselves through flu, house movings, job changes and various other adventures.

Here is a quick catch up of the crafts we did manage through the winter months

we wet felted tea cosies

with wonderfully colourful cosy results

We knitted wee rabbits and sewed up a few other woolly creations…

knitted bunnies from a square, knitted horse and gnome

Some gumnut babies sleeping in their gumleaves made an appearance…

And we even managed to help some classes dip rainbow candles before winter camp…

Dipped beeswax rainbow candles, and rolled beeswax candles

Thankyou to everyone who helped us keep the crafting flame alive last term.  Here’s hoping this term is easier to keep weaving our crafting sunshine.


Comments on: "Crafting Catch Up" (2)

  1. Just wonderful, Winter is a lovely time to be busy, cheers Marie

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