A Steiner School Parent Craft Group

Horsing around

We have been polishing up our crochet skills this week, and even those who have never tried before have made some wonderful childrens play horse reins for the school fair.  In kindergarten or preschool you can sometimes hear the jingling bells of the message pony as a pair of children chosen by the teacher gallop around the garden telling those at play it is time to come in.  (a rough tutorial can be found if you click here)

Rein play is great for learning to work together, to be gentle but firm enough, pacing yourself to someone else, being mindful of those in front and behind, coordination of running, galloping, trotting,  ….. the list seems endless ….. and really  just plain fun!

It is difficult getting a still shot of reins in play, they just have to be jiggled and jingled, and even older siblings can be counted on to join the fun, to the joy of younger ones who can’t quite believe they get to be in control for once!  Stillness does not seem to be an option!

This week we will be at just around the corner from school at someones house for wet felting tea cosies.  Email or leave a comment for further details.  Happy Crafting!


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