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Brave Knights

Our brave knights must have been too busy off on adventures to stand still and have their photo taken.  Three are finished, and three are still getting dressed!!  They are of the same pattern as these ones.

I will try and snap a photo when they are all suited up and ready to ride forth… one of them is destined for distant shores!!

We have been extremely honoured to be sent a beautiful parcel from Marie at Softearth to inspire our crafting, and what a wonderful blessing it is.  I will share some more of this soon as the wonderful woolen creations nestle into preschool and kindergarten.

We have also been busy with 18 new cutlery bags sewn and delivered to first class, ready to be dyed and stringed and taken on their first camp together.  We wish them every blessing as they venture forth.

happy crafting




A cow for preschool

While we sewed some more daring dragons and finished off our fine felt seahorses, a wonderful felt cow appeared, stitched during the week at home by one of our crafters.  By the finely finished needlework, you would think it was finished by the tailor of Goucester’s mice,  or maybe the shoemakers elves!

sewn wool felt cow

It almost didn’t stand still long enough to take a picture, and is destined for eager preschool hands.

in eager preschool hands…

We will also be sewing cutlery bags and craft bags for Class one and Kindergarten at home this week.  If you have an overlocker or sewing machine at home, please consider lightening our load.  The fabric is cut out and ready to go home at the high school staff room.  Thankyou!!

Dragons and Seahorses

Who knew how well these go together!  Both designs feature a fin or spine that is stitched with running stitch or straight stitch, whilst the rest of the body is blanket stitched together and stuffed with soft unspun wool.

Dragons made with beautiful hand dyed wool felt

They were so much fun we are going to do some more next week.  Those who dared to design  dragons want to try their hand at seahorses next…

Felt seahorses on a silk sea

And those who stitched seahorses are itching to dare the dragon… will you join us?